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Other Multi-disciplinary Training

Primary Care Educators (GPNs and GPs)

Course places available - Multi-Professional Workplace Supervision in Primary Care

Two cohorts aimed at Primary Care educators and Training Hub Leads

New course on multi-professional workplace supervision for primary care educators. Delivered in five 3-hour online seminars. Mixture of large and facilitated small group teaching.

Please click here for more information.

Time for Care - Current Support Offer

Please find attached the ‘Covid-19 Time for Care Offer’ form the Time for Care Team who are providing a support offer to groups of practices during this difficult period. The offer is fully funded by NHSE/I and is aimed at groups of practices and PCNs to support them virtually in coping with the service changes required. Anyone from general practice can express an interest.

Currently EOIs received so far have requested coaching support around resilience for clinical directors/leads/practice managers; daily safety huddles that the team have facilitated for practice teams and some planning support around service changes such as how practices are going to manage face to face consultations. The team will ensure that the offer will adapt as the crisis and service/workforce needs change.

Publication for your Interest - Cancer in Primary Care

Please see attached two recently published articles for your interest on cancer care within primary care. "PHC Publications" and "CNP 2020 e1680". These specifically focus on demand for psychological care, and the “hidden workload” of cancer in primary care.

The data for this research was collected as part of a cancer modelling project which Alison Leary was commissioned to deliver for HEE.

Excellence in Supporting Healthcare online programme

An online programme has been created for flexibility and convenience which is seen as an e-learning option, this allows staff such as healthcare assistance to gain certificates using this e-learning prospect.

If you are interested in taking part in their workshop please click here for more information & registration.

If you are also interested in being a learner please click here for more information and how to register.