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CLH supporting Primary Care Network (PCN) Development


What is a Primary Care Network?

The Primary Care Network (PCN) model was developed by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) to strengthen and redesign primary care.  It aims to link staff from general practice, community services, mental health services, social care & voluntary organisations to deliver joined-up care.


CLH’s Vision

CLH is a Community Interest Company that was founded in 2006.  It is owned and run by local primary care clinicians and aims to improve health and well-being in Central London.  We are also the GP Federation for Central London.  We are working with 24 practices within Central London to develop 3 Primary Care Networks:


Services We Currently Provide through PCNs

  • Enhanced personalised care and preventative services at practice level, such as Diabetes (Level 1), Diabetes Prevention, Mental Health annual reviews, and Proactive Care Plans
  • Diagnostics provided at hub level – ABPMs, ECGs and Diagnostic Spirometry
  • Integrated Services – Level 2 Diabetes (insulin initiation), working in partnership with the CLCH Community Diabetes Service


Objectives of our Primary Care Networks

The overall objectives of our 3 PCNs are to:

  • Enhance quality & develop the range of services offered in primary care
  • Improve patient experience and outcomes through integrated working
  • Improve access to services through offering a range of appointment types and inter-practice working
  • Proactively seek feedback from patients through surveys and patient group meetings to inform service development and delivery
  • Strengthen inter-professional working between practices and make best use of skill mix available across the PCH to improve population health
  • Ensure the sustainability of general practice
  • Integrate with other services, such as community services, mental health services, social care & the voluntary sector, to create more cohesive services for patients
  • Support staff & their wellbeing


We are currently working with Primary Care Networks ( PCNs) to deliver and improve services for patients but also to develop the Primary Care Network model.

CLH has over 13 years experience of working with General Practice and the local commissioner in Central London, and even before this, Practices had a long history of working together in various ways.

  1. As the Membership organisation for Central London Member practices
  2. Contracted by our local commissioner to provide PCN Development support using national NHS England and regional funding
  3. We use our resources to support the PCNs. 


CLH is the first organisation in the country that is successfully working with NHS England to support PCN development through the Productive General Practice Quick Start programme.  The overall objective of the programme is to free up time in general practice and must be linked to at least one of the high impact actions below.  

  1. Active Signposting:  Training is being given to practice receptionists so that they can actively promote the most relevant services to patients, such as self-referrals to talking therapies or musculoskeletal services. 
  2. New Consultation Types: Recent funding obtained will be used for a digital solution with pre-primary care functionality and for online or video consultations. 
  3. Reduce the number of patients that do not attend appointments:  CLH's Patient Stakeholder Group has raised high rates of DNAs as a concern, to our Board.
  4. Productive work flows.
  5. Personal Productivity.
  6. Partnership Working.
  7. Social Prescribing. 
  8. Supporting of Self Care:  Diabetes Health Behaviour apps currently available.​


We are currently assisting the PCNs with the mobilisation of the NHS Direct Enhanced Service ( DES ) contract.