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Practice Counselling (IAPT) service


CLH with Practices from 3 of the Central London PCNs provides patients with access to counseling services often called Improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) – counseling provision.

IAPT services provide a range of evidence-based psychological therapies for people with anxiety, depression and other common mental illnesses (CMI).  National clinical guidelines state that patients with CMI should have access to support via a stepped care model.  The service should consist of a team of skilled practitioners at step 2 and 3, and the NHS Five Year Forward View is clear that teams should work alongside healthcare professionals working with patients with long-term physical health conditions – in particular, diabetes, cardio-respiratory and medically unexplained symptoms – to ensure that patients with co-morbidities are supported in a holistic way.

IAPT services are characterized by three things:

  • Evidence-based psychological therapies: with the therapy delivered by fully trained and accredited practitioners, matched to the mental health problem and its intensity and duration designed to optimize outcomes.
  • Routine outcome monitoring: so that the person having therapy and the clinician offering it have up-to-date information on an individual’s progress. This supports the development of a positive and shared approach to the goals of therapy and as this data is anonymised and published this promotes transparency in service performance encouraging improvement.
  • Regular and outcomes focused supervision so practitioners are supported to continuously improve and deliver high quality care.


Practices providing the service are as follows:

  • The Connaught Square Practice
  • Third Floor, Lanark Medical Centre
  • Little Venice Medical Centre
  • St John's Wood Medical Practice
  • Mayfair Medical Centre

If you are interested in the 'In House IAPT based Counselling' service please contact your GP for further information.