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Cervical Screening

Central London has the lowest rates of cervical screening uptake with less than 50% of those eligible booking and attending appointments.

Central London Healthcare CIC has been working closely with RM Partners (the Cancer Alliance across North West and South West London) to establish a dedicated Cervical Screening Recall team.  

This team is proactively contacting women who are overdue and eligible for a Cervical Screening test, in order to relay important health messages about why it is important to have a Cervical Smear. They are also encouraging them to book an appointment at their own practice, at evening and weekend Extended Hours hub locations or at new additional clinics arranged at times and venues convenient to our patient population.

We would urge any patient eligible for cervical screening and who may need additional advice or support to access screening, to contact Cervical Screening Recall Team by emailing


You can find out more about the dedicated service in Central London by watching our video: