Men’s Health & Wellbeing

Marylebone PPG will be hosting a Men’s Health & Wellbeing event on Monday 20th March, 5 – 7pm, as part of the joint health promotion work between Marylebone and Cavendish PPG’s. 

The meeting is open to anyone and you do not have to be registered with these practices to attend.


 17.00  Welcome- Yvonne-Marylebone PPG

 17.10  Nurse Martin Jones- Sexual Health for Men

         17.40  Dr Afsana Saffa-  Male specific cancers

         18.10  Dr Andy Goodstone-Cardiology

         18.30  Counsellor Shaun Bruwer-Mental wellbeing

         18.55  Close  - Yvonne-Marylebone PPG

Please click here MENS HEALTH poster for more information.