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Central London CCG held a member’s meeting on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 as part of an engagement programme around the impact of NHSE Primary Care Delegated Commissioning.

The CLH Board has agreed a position with regard to Delegated Commissioning.  This is shown below and also reflects the points raised by Members whom attended the CCG meeting.  

Dr David Spiro, Chair of CLH outlined the following at the CCG meeting.  Summarising the CLH position:

“The impact that delegated commissioning will have on primary care, patients, CLH and Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CLCCG) is unknown.  The CLH Board acknowledges this risk, but believes that with a stronger CLH and CLCCG relationship, and progress towards agreeing the partnership agreement, then the opportunity is greater than the risk.“

In order to support a vote in 2017, the CLH Board needs clarification and/or resolution on the following:

1. That CL CCG clearly outlines the role of the CWHHE Collaborative within delegation and governance around decision-making.
2. Assurance around how General Practice budgets will be managed and governed by CLCCG / CWHHE.
3. A jointly undertaken due diligence exercise to understand the full details and potential opportunity / impact on patients and General Practice. To include:

a. CLCCG / CWHHE and CLH’s involvement in performance management of practices
b. Clarity around the impact on GMS and PMS contracts within CLCCG
c. Resource and funding, estates etc.
d. Information sharing agreements etc.
e. Agreement on respective roles
f. Definition and scope of delegated powers

4. The future of North West London CCGs, for example plans for possible mergers.
5. How operational planning and conflicts of interest will be managed and governed by the CCG and the impact it may have on practices and CLH.
6. Progression of the CLH and CLCCG partnership agreement
7. Collaboration between CLH and CLCCG with CLH taking a leading role in the development of the Primary Care Strategy and associated plans for Central London.

Delegated Commissioning Information Resource: