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Supporting Patients and stakeholders


Our aim is to strengthen the relationship between CLH and our patients and to assist CLH in continuing to improve its provision of healthcare whilst ensuring our patients are at the heart of decision making.


We have made the following engagement pledges with our patients and these will be key in the delivery of our strategic priority: 'excellence in general practice'.

  1. CLH will make patient involvement a priority in all of our services, providing information that is clear, jargon-free and accessible to all
  2. CLH will involve patients’ in a way that is open and honest whilst being clear about what decisions patients can and cannot influence
  3. CLH will consult on and involve patients in designing, planning and delivery of services and provide feedback on the outcomes of consultations
  4. CLH will use a wide variety of ways to actively seek patients’ feedback on our services, listen to what service users are saying and act on this
  5. CLH will inform its patients what we have done to improve services.


If you would like to become a member of the Patient Stakeholder Group please contact us on