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Our Partner Organisations


Our Objectives are centered around better local primary care for patients and communities. We continue to engage and have open dialogue with all local providers, practices and commissioners to ensure local GPs are involved in decisions about how best to achieve this.

The commissioning intentions for Central London are in line with the rest of the country to develop the Integrated Care System.  This is made up of a Partnership of local providers creating an Integrated Care Partnership.  The intention is for NHS England ( NHSE ) to issue a contract to these providers based on a single capitated budget (one pot of money).

The partners will be made of General Practice, NHS community and mental health providers, some secondary care partners, the local authority and the charitable sector.  As London has a number of providers that cross borough boundaries, this will be a challenging but exciting programme.

This is a priority for CLH in order to ensure that General Practice is central to the Integrated Care contract and that General Practice continues to improve services for patients. This is a crucial relationship that CLH, the Primary Care Networks ( PCNs ) and Members need to continually develop. 


Our key partners are:

  • CLH Member Practices
  • The four Central London Primary Care Networks ( PCNs ) 
  • The Patient and Stakeholder Committee
  • Central London Clinical Commissioning Group
  • City of Westminster Council
  • London Medical Associates (including neighbouring borough PCNs) 
  • Central London Community Health (CLCH) 
  • Central North West London Foundation Trust (CNWL) 
  • Imperial Healthcare
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and Foundation Trust
  • University Central London Hospital (UCLH) 
  • Royal Free London Hospital and Foundation Trust


Over the last year.....

We have supporting Members with:

  • Jointly developing the Central London Primary Care Strategy with Central London CCG
  • With Regent Health PCN and provider partners developing the Integrated Care Team pilot
  • CLH as a core member of the Westminster Partnership Board
  • Partnership arrangements with providers